I have always been fascinated by the photo graphic process, especially
as am art form.

My serious photographic work began in Vietnam during a 14 month tour
of duty with the army during the war. I documented as much of what I
saw, as was possible, day and night. My commanding officer saw my
photographs on the wall of my office and asked to buy them., my first
sale. That encouraged me to study photography and other art forms in

I capture the natural beauty of landscapes and seascapes in the
traditional way , with the least amount of technical manipulation as
possible, the way the camera “sees” it.

And I also work in the photographic process to abstract the original
image in order to create new
perspectives, new points of view, as in my mirror image abstractions,
The mirroring of images creates infinite possibilities in working with
collage on panel and repeat design on fabric.

I use cameras, computers and paint, fabric and found objects. What ever works.